Deep Space Nine: Season 6, Episode 22

Drunk Factor: Impulse

Drunk Trek Host Chris has a terrible pet peeve for movies and TV shows, the “plucky kid”. He can’t stand them. So without further ado, here’s “Plucky Kid” month! We explore episodes where kids take front and center! But if you think that this will be a delightful romp, think again; this week we watch the unfortunate consequences of groupthink and megalomania. Fun!


Deep Space Nine: Season 4, Episode 7

Drunk Factor: Impulse

Look, November was pretty rough on all of us here at Drunk Trek and we couldn’t bring ourselves to do another serious month. So, this month we’ve picked four light, happy, and silly episodes to bring a little joy to our hearts. We start off with a Deep Space Nine episode that has been on our list for a while now, “Little Green Men”! Pop open a bottle and give this episode a listen; it features time travel, cold war mixups, and all the ear sex you could ever want!

Deep Space Nine: Season 1, Episode 10

Drunk Factor: 4

WTF Month barrels right along with “Move Along Home”, Deep Space Nine’s blatant Jumanji rip-off! When a group of aliens—that are totally-not-celts—make first contact with the Federation, they bring along their strange board game with them! Now the command team is in the board game for real  and Quark has to guide them out! What a twist! This week we tackle this hackneyed premise, discuss the importance of dresses, and Matt enters the Wizard State!

Deep Space Nine: Season 6, Episode 13

Drunk Factor: 2

Matt’s Picks continues with the critically acclaimed Deep Space Nine episode, “Far Beyond the Stars”! This week we marvel at all the alien actors out of their makeup, air our grievances, and discover the greatest Drunk Trek moment since “Scott Bakula, Dracula”!

Deep Space Nine: Season 2, Episode 23

Drunk Factor: 2

Put on your goatees, get cool facial scars, and bare your midriffs, because Alternate Universe month continues! This week we take in “Crossover”, the first Star Trek episode that returns to the dark AU since The Original Series! Come for the fan service moments and stay for our discussions of space pants, sex with our doubles, and the universal qualities of Miles O’Brien!

Deep Space Nine: Season 4, Episode 2

Drunk Factor: 5

This week, we skewer one of the most critically acclaimed Deep Space Nine episodes of all time! Captain Sisko dies and we follow along with Jake Sisko as he mourns his dad for decades after his death. Meanwhile, Amanda, Chris, and Matt talk about the terrible fashions of the early 90s, the unfathomable privacy implications of a ghost dad, and the terrible moral lessons of the episode’s ending!

Deep Space Nine: Season 3, Episode 10

Drunk Factor: Impulse

This week we kick off our Holiday Themed block of Episodes with the Deep Space Nine episode “Fascination”!  On this episode we explore the subtext between Bashir and O’Brien, get frustrated with O’Brien and Keiko, and are horrified by Bashir and Kira’s make-out techniques…

Deep Space Nine: Season 5, Episode 6

Drunk Factor: 7

Our theme this month is Time Travel! This week we check out the Star Trek 30th Anniversary episode of Deep Space Nine “Trials and Tribble-lations.” We discover the trouble with using tribbles as explosive devices, discuss the finer points of distinction between a trill and a symbiote, and find out Dr. Bashir’s desire to keep it in the family…