Enterprise: Season 1, Episode 25

Drunk Factor: 7

Silly month concludes with a particularly pointless Enterprise episode “Two Days and Two Nights”! We finally get to see the oft-mentioned, but never-before-seen Risa, the pleasure planet! In an episode with no less than four disparate plots we learn that the perils of perusing the planet of pleasure!

Enterprise: Season 4, Episode 22

Drunk Factor: Impulse

As Fall exerts its grip over nature and all the plants and trees begin to die off around us, we start an appropriate new theme month: Character Deaths! As every Star Trek fan knows, the main character deaths are as heartbreaking as they are ignominiously random; this month we navigate through the deaths in order of heartbreak. So, to kick it off, we go to the universally reviled Enterprise episode “These Are the Voyages…”. We barely put up with Riker’s creepy holodeck advances, a space rave, and the most disappointing series ending ever!

Enterprise: Season 4, Episode 19

Drunk Factor: 9

We conclude “Alternate Universe” month with a surprisingly fulfilling episode of Enterprise! Our drunkenness reaches its limits as we watch terrible 2000s CGI, find new life for the Jurassic Park theme, and celebrate the return of the ‘delta tummy’!

Enterprise: Season 4, Episode 18

Drunk Factor: 6

Our rollicking “Alternate Universe” month continues! This week we drunkenly dive into the first of a two-part Enterprise episode. Don’t let the fact that it’s an Enterprise episode dissuade you, this Episode is a blast! We discuss the unfortunate fate of Porthos, the prominence of Alt-Universe Midriffs, and whether or not AU Scott Bakula is, in fact, still a Dracula.

Enterprise: Season 3, Episode 10

Drunk Factor: Impulse Control

It’s a new month and time for a new themed block of Drunk Trek episodes! This month, Chris exercises his birthday privileges and takes over the programming! Chris’s first pick is the critically acclaimed Enterprise episode “Similitude”. Will this episode redeem our hosts rather cold view of Enterprise? Will Scott Bakula drain the blood of a crew-member for sustenance? Tune in to find out!

Enterprise: Season 1, Episode 4

Drunk Factor: “Yeaahh” for Matt, 6 for Amanda and Chris

Our “Weird Sex Stuff” month comes to a close with a genuinely weird and awful episode of Enterprise! Amanda, Chris, and Matt give this episode all of the respect it deserves, as we drunkenly slog through Willy Wonka-esque shenanigans, Captain Archer’s butt, and spontaneous nipple growth.

Enterprise: Season 3, Episode 11

Drunk Factor: drunk.

Our theme this month is Time Travel! This week we watch our first Enterprise episode and the last in our time travel series, “Carpenter Street.” Our drunk selves are barely able to handle it; but we manage to discuss our disappointment with the Quantum Leap finale, Chris proves that he knows nothing about dogs, and we discover Scott Bakula’s secret identity…