Space Meth, Not Even Once.

The Original Series: Season 1, Episode 28

Drunk Factor: 1.

This month our theme is Time Travel! We take our first dive into The Original Series with one of it’s most highly regarded episodes, the classic “City on the Edge of Forever.” We learn about how to use 60’s technology to predict the future, Kirk’s surprising sexual preferences, and the dangers of space meth!


To protect our beleaguered livers we only record four episodes a month, so we’re off this week. We’ll be back next week to start our Time Travel themed block of episodes!

We’ll also get around to getting the website looking a little better while we’re at it.


Voyager: Season 5, Episode 12

Drunk Factor: 8.

Our theme this month is Holodeck Mishaps! We finish our Holodeck theme month with Voyager’s take on Flash Gordon, “Bride of Chaotica!” This week we finally remember what class of starship the Stargazer was, we talk about our Voyager crushes, and we get real familiar with Tom Paris’s “Rocket Ship”…

Deep Space Nine: Season 4, Episode 10

Drunk Factor: 6.

Our theme this month is Holodeck Mishaps! We pop our Deep Space Nine cherry with one of its least well received episodes, “Our Man Bashir”. This week we try to figure out if we can blame this whole thing on Geordi, try to wrap our heads around Holo-ethics, and discover a connection between this episode and an infamous 1995 cinematic flop…

The Next Generation: Season 6, Episode 8

Drunk Factor: 3.

Our theme this month is Holodeck Mishaps! This week we’re off to the Wild West with the Next Gen episode “A Fistful of Datas”. While visiting the west we discover that Geordi could really use a shave, unfortunate truths about Alexander, and Brent Spiner’s best character yet…

The Next Generation: Season 2, Episode 3

Drunk Factor: Impulse (Control still Intact).

Our theme this month is Holodeck Mishaps! In our very first episode we go to the holodeck mishap episode that started it all, “Elementary Dear Data”! We also learn uncomfortable truths about Data’s nipple functionality and learn that Moriarty really isn’t that bad of a guy, once you get to know him…