The Next Generation: Season 7, Episode 17

Drunk Factor: 7

We finish off Matt’s birthday month with the surreal episode “Masks”! This week we sidetrack ourselves early and often with tales of supplication, revisit Geordi LaForge’s Space Tinder, and talk a surprisingly small amount about masks.

Voyager: Season 2, Episode 1

Drunk Factor: 5

We kick up our Drunk Factor a notch in this week’s episode  “The 37’s!”  Guest starring Amelia Earhart and introducing the rarely-seen Blue Alert, we dive head first into a bevy of off-topic conversations, including our places on the Kinsey Scale, our unrequited crushes on Harry Kim, and how the OJ Simpson trial relates to Voyager landing on a planet!

Deep Space Nine: Season 6, Episode 13

Drunk Factor: 2

Matt’s Picks continues with the critically acclaimed Deep Space Nine episode, “Far Beyond the Stars”! This week we marvel at all the alien actors out of their makeup, air our grievances, and discover the greatest Drunk Trek moment since “Scott Bakula, Dracula”!

The Next Generation: Season 5, Episode 25

Drunk Factor: Impulse

Matt and Star Trek were both born on September 8th! So this month instead of celebrating 50 years of Star Trek, we’re instead going to celebrate 32 years of Matt! Matt’s first pick this month is the acclaimed Next Generation episode “The Inner Light”; in which Capt. Picard has the longest 25 minutes of his life and discovers a life-long passion for the Ressikan Flute!